Our Story

12 years ago we embarked on a life-changing adventure that would lead us to create something truly special. As two proud Northern mums, we carried a suitcase filled with samples, brimming with excitement and determination to revolutionise the baby product industry one product at a time!

The Vision.

From the very beginning, our vision was clear - to bring innovation, creativity, and fashion-forward designs to the world of baby products. We knew that as parents, we wanted items that were not only safe and reliable, but also extremely stylish and unique. Our personal experiences fueled our passion, and we poured our hearts into every design decision we made.

Safety First.

Safety was our unwavering priority. We understood the trust parents placed in us, and we will always take that responsibility extremely seriously. Each product goes through rigorous testing, adhering to the UK safety standards & tests. We wanted parents to feel confident in their choice of Bizzi Growin products, knowing that their little ones would be well-protected and comfortable.

First-hand Experience.

As mothers ourselves, we knew the joy but also challenges of parenting firsthand. We wanted to make this journey easier, more enjoyable, and most importantly, more memorable. That's why every product we created had a touch of creativity, something that made it stand out from the rest. We experimented with materials, patterns, and features, ensuring that our products not only met practical needs in a completely original way, but also brought smiles to parent & child’s faces alike.

Sharing Parenthood.

Seeing our brand grow and being embraced by families across the nation has been incredibly humbling & rewarding. But it's not just about the products; it's about the shared journey of parenthood. We take immense pride in knowing that our creations accompany families through precious moments, from the first night in a cozy crib to adventurous travels with our thoughtful accessories.