Black and white bumper wraps that combind the ease and safety of a cot bed wrap along with a decorative cushion, for use on the outside of the cot, or as the perfect cuddle cushion for an older child.
Bumper buddies featuring a dog, mouse, cat and bear, the perfect solution for a decorative cushion on the outside of the cot.
Black and white bumper wraps form part of this clever product the Bumper Buddie.
Bumper buddies the perfect 2-1 product combines bumper wraps and a super soft cushion to be used as decoration on the outside of the cot.

Cot/cot bed bumper wraps & Cushion (bumper wrap and cushion 3-1 )

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Cot bumper wraps are a great way to keep baby comfortable whilst sleeping as well as adding come colour and excitement to baby’s cot!

Bumper buddies are an innovative 3 in 1 product that your baby can grow up with. Plus they have the excitement of 4 squishy animal characters to keep them company. These include a cat, dog, mouse and friendly bear!

The bumper buddie is made from beautiful cotton printed fabric. They are a combination of wider than normal cot bumper wraps to be used in the cot or cot bed when baby is sleeping.

During the day time the cot bumper wraps combine with the themed buddie cushion. This can be used as a beautiful decoration on the outside of the cot/cot bed only.

As baby gets a little bit older, choose from the four fabulous animal characters to use as a cuddle cushion without the cot bumper wraps…perfect for on the go or just a great big squeeze.


Dream Big Bumper Buddies Pack of 4
100% Cotton Outer
CE tested.