Baby Sleeping Bag Tony T-Rex 6-18 months. 2.5Tog

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Tony T Rex baby sleeping bag may have a big roar but he is super soft and snuggly made from 100% cotton jersey and 2.5 Tog this is the perfect sleeping bag for your little one.

Most babies love to spend the night wriggling and worming their way out of their covers. A baby sleeping bag is the perfect solution to keep them warm, secure and safe. Plus this offers parents peace of mind and a hopefully a good nights sleep!

Fun and quirky with a lovely image of tony on the front of baby sleeping bag and then soft padded T-Rex spines down the side of this bag, make this baby sleeping bag 'roarsome!'..

Available also is 0-6 month

100% cotton

Machine Washable

2.5 Tog

Side zipper for easy access